Putting your home in a pristine condition.

woman cleaning the kitchen

A clean home is a welcoming home. No homeowner ever puts cleanliness at the back of his or her mind. But then again, keeping your house clean is an essential yet exhausting task.

There will be times when you are too busy to do any housekeeping. If you’re having trouble keeping your house clean, don’t worry! We got you covered with our teams of professional cleaners. Let them put your home in a pristine condition.

This service costs $35 per room, with extra charges as follows:

  • Stove – $25.00
  • Microwave – $15.00
  • Fridge – $40.00
  • Windows (inside only) – $5.00 per window

If you’re interested, you have the option of opening a cleaning service account where we can extend your credit of up to $500 to $1,000. If you open an account, you will be billed on a monthly basis.

Also, did you know that we offer coupons, gift certificates, and discounts for weekly cleanings? You get access to special offers and more by being one of our regular customers.

Set an appointment today to avail of this service. For further inquiries, get in touch with us.